Benefit for all

A healthy lifestyle is the basis for adequate management in cardiovascular and other chronic conditions. However, current initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle are rarely linked and often do not involve the patient's personal preferences and needs. To solve this, scientists, medical specialists, entrepreneurs, and patients have joined forces in the BENEFIT project.

Our goal is to create a national ecosystem in which evidence-based interventions to promote a healthy lifestyle are embedded in a system that rewards people for taking actions that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The central element of this ecosystem is an advanced loyalty program that encourages people to live healthy in the long-term. The ecosystem connects public and private parties, integrates existing care and lifestyle programs, and is constantly fed by scientific insights. The BENEFIT initiative is initiated by Leiden University, LUMC and Vital10 together with a broad variety of public-private partners, and is financially supported by partners, such as the Dutch Heart Foundation, ZonMW and Medical Delta. We all BENEFIT.

We reward a healthy lifestyle for the benefit for all. For more information