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Click here for this interview (in Dutch)

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News and events

  • How important is the 1,5 meter? The more the virus appears to be contained, the greater the resistance to the Corona measures. How important is the 1,5 meter and can it still be maintained?Andrea Evers catches up with us 'Met het oog op morgen' on NPO Radio 1.
  • Andrea Evers appointed Medical Delta Professor for Healthy Society Nine professors can now also call themselves "Medical Delta professors". They received a dual appointment to at least two of the five academic institutions in South Holland affiliated with Medical Delta. This will boost health & technology.
  • Expectations guide our health - PhD defense Stefanie Meeuwis Positive expectations about a particular medicine support the actual health outcomes, even when people are told that that it is a placebo-effect. The opposite, the nocebo-effect, does also work that way. Health psychologist Stefanie Meeuwis found proof
  • Behavioral consequences of Corona Andrea Evers as a behavioral expert about Corona in multiple news broadcasts as for example 'Feiten en Fabels' (NPO 1, Dutch news broadcast) and M (NPO 1). What are psychological consequences of the Corona pandemic? What does it mean for our mental health
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