Drs. Hans van Lennep

PhD students

Hans van Lennep studied medicine from 2010 until 2017 at the Free University of Amsterdam. Interested in anesthesiology, he began a scientific internship in the masterphase of his medicine study, where he collaborated with prof. dr. Perez to investigate a trunk-coordination task in patients with non-specific lower back pain. After this successful collaboration, prof. Perez introduced him to placebo-effects and their next project was a systematic review investigating the influence of placebo-effects in patients with lower back pain.

After finishing his master’s degree in medicine in October 2017, he started working as a medical doctor at the Intensive Care Unit to further expand his knowledge about analgesia, sedation and acute internal physiological pathologies (e.g. respiratory and cardiovascular problems). One and a half year of ICU experience gave him also further insights into the essence of doctor-patient communication as well as the importance of suggestion and expectations from patients and family members.

Nowadays, he started a PhD track that encompasses the influence of placebo-analgesia in chronic pain conditions. His goal is to research the use of conditioning and suggestion as an adjunct to current pain therapies and hereby lowering the required dose regimen. He is convinced that using conditioning and suggestion as psychological adjuncts to pain therapies can diminish side effects from pain medicine and therefore intrinsically support chronic pain patients with their disease.  

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