Prof. Gustavo Pacheco López, PhD

Senior researchers

Neuroscientist focuses on the studies the complex interactions among the central nervous, immune and endocrine systems. An international authority on the neuroimmune associative learning. His studies elucidated the neurological bases on the Pavlovian conditioning as modulator of the immune system. Moreover, he actively participated on the development and reappraisal of the therapeutic power of the Placebo Effects. More recently, he has actively contributed innovating and developing an evolutionary perspective of the human behavior in particular elaborating around the social neuroscience; testing hypothesis of the Brain-immune interactions and the neural basis of disease-avoidant ingestive behavior and the effect of the Microbiota-Intestine-Brain axis on the sociability and decision making processes. He has published numerous research and review articles with high impact already reaching an H-index = 13 and a getting above 500 citations. Additionally Pacheco-Lopez has contributed with several specialized book chapters. Importantly, he has been successfully on training and mentoring and graduated pre- and graduate students, as well as accumulating solid teaching portfolio in several prestigious universities. Additionally, Pacheco-Lopez has been also successful in attracting substantial funding supporting his research projects from different sources, including, Mexican Science Council (CONACYT), Mexican Education Ministry (SEP), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) fond, and US National Institute of Health (NIH), among others.

Born in Mexico, Pacheco-Lopez enjoyed his childhood on the Mexican countryside and in Texas, USA. Afterwards, he performed college studies on the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), then he graduated with honors in 1997 performing Bachelor in Sciences at the Metropolitan University (UAM) obtaining there a solid education in Experimental Biology. His doctorate studies started at the National University of Mexico (UNAM) under the direction of Prof. Federico Bermudez-Rattoni, world leader on the neurobiology of learning and memory processes. Pacheco-Lopez got a graduate scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Agency (DAAD), 2001-2003, to perform a research stay at the University Clinic - University of Essen, Germany, under the supervision of Prof. Manfred Schedlowski, at the Medical Psychology Institute. Afterwards he got a post-doctoral contract supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) 2003-2004 performing research in collaboration with Prof. Hugo Besedovsky and Prof. Adriana del Rey, at the Philips University, Marburg, Germany and the Duisburg-Essen, University. In 2005 he moved to Switzerland as postdoctoral researcher working on the Swiss Federal institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, where he performed intensive research on the Placebo effects foundations at the Institute of Behavioral Sciences (former chair of Carl G. Jung). In 2006 with 31 years he was appointed as a Full-Professor at the Center of Research and Advances Studies (CIVESTAV) – National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), Mexico, where he developed a laboratory on Neuro-Immune Biology at the Department of Physiology, Biophysics and Neuroscience. An attractive and challenging working offer return Pacheco-Lopez to Switzerland in 2008 to reincorporate him to the ETH Zurich, but now to the recent founded Department of Health, Food and Technology working together with Prof. Wolfgang Langhans and collaborating with the research group of Prof. Stephen C. Woods at Cincinnati University, USA, in a research project to understand the energy homeostasis under infection. In September 2011 Pacheco-Lopez was recruited by the UAM, Mexico, and was appointed as Full Professor and Head of the Health Sciences Department at the new Campus at Lerma. Since 2012 he was also appointed as Honorary lectures at the ETH Zurich, where he maintains strong academic bounds and interactions. From October 2014 he is appointed as part-time Senior Researcher at the Unit of Health, Medical and Neuropsychology, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Leiden University.

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