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Public day: e-health in practice

On Friday, September 29 (8:30 till 17:00), the ‘Health, Prevention and the Human Life Cycle’ profile of the Leiden University, in which the Faculty of Social Sciences and the LUMC work together, organizes a public day entitled ‘E-health in practice: What's in it for me?’. The location of his event will be the Stadsgehoorzaal. This is the biggest monumental concert hall in the old city of Leiden.

Prominent speakers will present the latest scientific and innovative developments in healthcare. Several health and eHealth questions will be answered, such as:

  • What is the sense and nonsense of mobile health applications,

  • Can people be stimulated to life healthier if they can get discounts on trips,

  • Can serious games help to make you better,

  • Can robots assist in revalidation,

  • Is online treatment the new standard in the young generations,

  • Can eHealth prevent people from dementia.

Andrea will talk about the eCoach. This is an online behavioural therapy that Andrea and her team have developed for people with chronic somatic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. How the eCoach works, and answers on the other questions, will be given on the public day.

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