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Liesbeth van Vliet receives 'For Women in Science'-award for placebo and communication research

Psychologist Van Vliet investigates which communication patients and their loved ones need when they are confronted with serious, often incurable, diseases. Van Vliet looks at what communication could help them at those moments, and what communication could harm. These patients, in addition to good medical care, also need good information and emotional support. The main theme of Van Vliet's research is to better understand the power of communication at times when this is the most important thing.

During a festive ceremony in the Royal Holland Society of Sciences (KHMW), Liesbeth van Vliet received one of the two Dutch For Women In Science grants for Life Sciences worth 25,000 euros for its contribution to science. The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) and the National Network of Female Professors (LNVH) are the Dutch partners with which L'Oréal and UNESCO work together.


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