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Prof. dr. Andrea Evers about the placebo-effects in (Dutch) TV program ‘Witteman ontdekt'.

In the new season of the TV program called ‘Witteman ontdekt’ (NPO2), TV presenter Paul Witteman asks the question how we can make ourselves a little happier. Prof. dr. Andrea Evers appeared on the show as panel member to talk about the relation between the placebo-effect and religion.

In the second season of this TV program, the presenter will search for happiness and try to answer the question of how we can make ourselves a little happier in daily life. In doing so, he discusses suggestions with people that provide (scientific based) ways to possibly improve happiness. New in this season is that the presenter will actually try the suggested methods himself.

On December 9th, Andrea Evers (Health, Medical, and Neuropsychology) appeared on the TV show in which presenter Paul Witteman is investigating whether religion can help to improve his happiness. Andrea talked about the placebo-effect and how expectations can play a role in religion, illustrated with a study about the positive effects that praying can have for religious persons on the experience of pain.

Click here for the episode (in Dutch).

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