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Andrea Evers about the Future of eHealth in The Night of Arts and Science

This year prof. dr. Andrea Evers is asked as guest speaker to talk about the future of eHealth on the fifth edition of the ‘Night of Arts and Science’-festival in the historic centre of the city of Leiden in the Museum of Oudheden, on September 16th 2017 at 21.15. Visitors can also enjoy music, interactive experiments, theatrical plays, lectures, modern dance, comedy and more at the festival.

With the growing aging of the population, increase of chronic somatic conditions and enhanced health care use of costs worldwide, optimized organization of healthcare by digital solutions is considered as one of the key factors for these healthcare challenges. Digital solutions are increasingly used for the prevention, assessment and treatment of chronic somatic and mental conditions. For example, healthcare is increasingly supported by cost-effective digital eHealth applications such as apps, serious games, virtual reality, wearables, remote patient monitoring or e-coaching.  Prof. dr. Andrea Evers and her team have developed several eHealth applications, such as the eCoach, an online selfmanagement intervention for people with chronic diseases. Professor dr. Andrea Evers will talk about this and other future digital healthcare developments in the section ‘Back to the Future - The world of 2067’ at the Museum of Oudheden, start 21.15.

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