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ZonMw Medical Inspirator Award for research ‘Lyme paralyses lives’

Together with patient representatives, clinician-researchers from Radboucumc, Amsterdam UMC, and researchers from Leiden University (Andrea Evers and Henriët van Middendorp) have received the Medical Inspirator Prize 2019 of The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw).

This Medical Inspirator Prize is for the most inspiring collaboration between patients, patient organisations, and researchers. The project is entitled ‘Lyme paralyses lives’ (Lyme legt levens lam) and aims to create a diagnostic decision model for individuals treatment advise, based on determinants for long-term quality of life, including patient characteristics, self-management, expectancies, and interventions. 

The ZonMw Medical Inspirator prize includes a grant of €100.000 for the research proposed by Kullberg and two Lyme patients, studying chronic symptoms attributed to Lyme disease. The research team further includes the Lyme disease experts Dr Hadewych ter Hofstede and Dr Fidel Vos at Radboudumc and Sint Maartenskliniek, as well as the Department of Health Psychology at Leiden University, and the Amsterdam UMC Institute for Work and Health.

The PLEASE 5+ study will include the approximately 300 patients with chronic Lyme-associated symptoms who have been part of the previous PLEASE trial by the same Radboudumc researchers (N Engl J Med, 2016). The current project will assess patients’ long-term experiences with both regular and complementary therapies, as well as the impact of their disease on quality of life and work. The role of patients in initiating, designing and executing the PLEASE 5+ study is unprecedented.

Medische Inspirator prize for an initiative by Bart-Jan Kullberg (Radboudumc) and patient en patient representative Kees Niks (Lyme association)

Research group:

Patient representatives Kees Niks, Diana Uitdenbogerd and Irma Beate

Researchers Radboudumc (Bart-Jan Kullberg, Hadewych ter Hofstede and Fidel Vos), Amsterdam UMC (Jaap Maas) and Leiden University (Andrea Evers and Henriët van Middendorp)

Source: Radboudumc

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