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Prof. dr. Andrea Evers about the placebo-effect in (Dutch) TV program ‘’.

Prof. dr. Andrea Evers and two of her PhD students, Judith Tekampe and Lemmy Schakel, were part of the (Dutch) TV program about the role of placebo-effects in healthcare.

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NWO grant for Andrea Evers and Jelle van Leusden

Prof. dr. Andrea Evers has received an NWO research talent grant with Jelle van Leusden as the PhD candidate. This grant enables them to start a research project to examine whether the circadian rhythm can be conditioned during sleep.

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Expectations can relieve pain

Interventions that induce expectations can be effective for relieving patients’ pain. This finding is promising for optimising the effectiveness of treatments, conclude Kaya Peerdeman and colleagues in their recently published meta-analysis.

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