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Grant of 2.5 million euros by the Dutch Heart Foundation and the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport.

A new health programme will reward patients with - or at risk of developing - cardio-vascular diseases for keeping to a healthy lifestyle. Projectleader Andrea Evers together with other collaborators has been awarded 2.5 million euros by the Dutch Heart F

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Two Dutch Arthritis Association grants, for placebo and chronobiology research

Prof. dr. Andrea Evers, Dr. Judy Veldhuijzen and several collaborators have received a grant from the Dutch Arthritis Association for a study on the use of placebo effects....

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Prof. dr. Andrea Evers about the placebo-effects in (Dutch) TV program ‘Witteman ontdekt'.

In the new season of the TV program called ‘Witteman ontdekt’ (NPO2), TV presenter Paul Witteman asks the question how we can make ourselves a little happier. Prof. dr. Andrea Evers appeared on the show as panel member to talk about the relation betwe

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