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The role of placebo effects in itch-treatment of patients with skin disease

Placebo effects seem to have a considerable role in the treatment of itch in patients with common skin diseases. Dr. Antoinette van Laarhoven and colleagues have published these findings in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

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InterScience symposium 'Conflict en oplossingen'

De Leidse gezondheidspsycholoog Andrea Evers is mede-organisator van het InterScience symposium 'Conflict en oplossingen' op 24 maart 2014. Dit is het eerste symposium in een nieuwe serie van De Jonge Akademie over actuele thema's.

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Andrea Evers on placebo-effects in 'De Kennis van Nu'

How is it that people who are allergic to dogs can still own a dog? Diederik Jekel talks about placebo-effects with healthpsychologist Andrea Evers in the Dutch televisionshow 'De Kennis van Nu' [The knowledge of now]. The episode will air on December 7th

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